What is Livin’ California?

Sunset at Point Bonita

Sunset at Point Bonita (via flic.kr)

Livin’ California is a way to experience California through foreign eyes. It’s all about culture and entertainment, and was created for you and me to have fun.

For me, this is a great way to start writing in English. For you,  it’s a blog to discover stories, people and places that are probably familiar to most Californians but completely new to me… and that means you’ll find a lot of good anecdotes here. If you are from any other corner of the world (maybe planning to visit soon… or maybe just curious of what being a foreign student in the US is like ) you are very welcome too.

From the first time I landed in America to the things I buy at the grocery store or the way I became an organic food obsessed… Livin’ California is a collection of daily experiences that any traveler, tourist or expatriate will most likely identify with.

I want you to share your reactions and suggestions with me anytime. That way, I will know what you want to learn about and we both will take advantage of it. Sounds fair, don’t you think?

But Who Am I Anyway and Why Livin’ California?

I am a twenty-something girl from Spain who came to California some months ago to study and have had the pleasure to meet sunny L.A and foggy San Francisco. Now I want to share my adventures with someone else! because that’s what makes this interesting.

More facts about me: I studied Journalism in Madrid and I’m currently pursuing a Marketing degree in San Francisco. Also, I’m learning to code in my spare time and I write any time I got the chance. I love long-distance road trips and hate being far from my family.

If you like Livin’ California, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments so we can do this even better.

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The experiences of a young Spaniard in California