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Cities I Miss About Spain

Things I Miss About Spain

I’ve been in California for more than one year now. That’s not a long time far from my country, but enough to get to know myself a bit better.

Being away from home is an enriching experience, especially if you want to prove yourself that adjusting to a new place may be easier than you think. Of course, every person is different and what I find to be “easy” may not be that easy for other people. It always depends on the circumstances.

With that being said… What are some of the things I miss about Spain?

The Food

The Food - What I Miss About Spain

Spanish Market (via flic.kr)

The cuisine, the ingredients, the variety and the flavors that I like. Special mention to two kinds of product that, although personally not my favorites, are pretty different here in California: the Spanish churroswhich have little to do with that extremely sugary doughnut that I’ve seen in the US, and the bread (that “European Style” bread sold by some grocery stores like Safeway has little of European… trust me).

The Schedules

There has been a huge controversy about whether work schedules in Spain affect the country’s productivity and bla bla bla…  I don’t want to join the debate. I just say that I like to observe signs of human life after 7 pm… and that doesn’t mean going to party every night. There’s a balance.

Spain Nightlife

Don’t you think? (via flic.kr)

The Seasons

Spring, Summer, Summer, Summer… Oh, Southern California! You drive me crazy sometimes, your never-ending Summer confuses me and makes me miss the Winter. Is it even possible to miss the cold weather? The answer is YES. It’s weird but possible. I though I came from a hot country… until I experienced a Winter in Los Angeles.

 The Culture

I read, listen to music and watch movies in English because I like it. However, when it comes to enjoy some culture in my language (i.e. watching a Spanish movie without having to wait four moths for the DVD or opting for pirating) things get really complicated. Same happens with books: although Californian public libraries have a good variety of Spanish literature, most bookstores offer a very poor selection (a bunch of bestsellers or the four same classic titles for high school students). I suppose this is the way it is… but not being able to find a single bookstore with a worthy selection, makes me feel sad. Maybe I didn’t look around enough.

The Country Itself

Now that I’m visiting so many places in California and other states, I realize there are many cities in Spain that I’ve never been to before. When I go back, I’d like to experience all of my country’s cities. That should be fun and enriching too.

Cities I Miss About Spain

Cudillero, Asturias, Spain (via flic.kr)

There’s a lot of other small details I miss about Spain, but anything really pisses me off. I like California (Northern and Southern), I like the people, and I’m having a great time. Just if California and Spain could be closer to each other… but that, unfortunately,  is impossible.

And you… what are the things you miss about your country while living (or traveling) abroad?