Grocery Store Candies and more

Going to the Grocery Store: Supersized Food

I’ll never forget the first time I went grocery shopping in America. Everything looked super-sized to me; ridiculously big compared to what I used to buy in Europe. There were gallons (~3.8 liters) of almost any kind of liquid and offers like: “Buy 10 and get a discount”. Wait… who wants to buy 10 stuff, all at once, unless they are in a Costco? I noticed that many products were just available in big quantities and that the prices were “big” too, which annoyed me at first.

“Are these supermarkets made for people like me?” That would be one of my angry thoughts every time I went into the grocery store. “What happen with the singles in this country? Where do they buy regular-sized packages?”.  I was too worried about wasting food. I don’t mean small sizes aren’t available; of course they are, but they are pretty much an exception.

Now that I’m getting used to it and starting to enjoy the shopping experience, I wanted to share with you the pictures of some of the products that got my attention at the grocery store during my first visits. Don’t take it too seriously… it’s just for fun (especially for my European friends).

Grocery Store Pastries

I love cookies

Eating about forty cookies per box (I don’t know how many they are exactly) takes its time.

Grocery Store Chips

Not sure if I should take the party size or the fiesta size… (via

The potato and tortilla chips are my favorites. You’ve got the party size, the fiesta size, the grande size, the family size, the king size… Isn’t there a SuperDuper yet?

Grocery Store Milk Gallons

A little bit of milk (via

There you go. Milk for everyone. This round is on me.

Grocery Store Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is THE BOSS (via

Put some sauce on my steak, baby.

Grocery Store Candies and more

Me and my friend freaking out (via

How many different candy brands can you find just in a regular drug store?  I challenge you to count them all.

What do you think of my grocery store experience? Am I being too dramatic? How was your experience shopping in another country? Leave your comments!

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